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Amazonas Hammocks & Stands

Nisi says...

'Amazonas began its design and production of Brazilian cotton hammocks in 1995. It has built a strong reputation not only for quality products but also for its adherence to ethically-minded production practices, so essential in the poorer parts of Brazil. Amazonas has extended its range of hammocks to include lighter versions and weather-resistant fabrics, using production facilities in the Far East. In addition, Amazonas offers a selection of fabulous hammock stands, expertly crafted from either sustainably sourced spruce wood or from powder coated metal. All hammock stands are weather-resistant and come in a choice of size to suit all styles of hammock. We have carefully selected a number of hammocks and stands to suit most budgets and tastes, but we will add to this collection in due course, so watch this space. In the meantime, jump in, lie back and dream of distant shores with a beautiful Amazonas hammock!'

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