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Serious About Ceramics

Seriously, we love ceramics! Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill ceramics that you find on the high street, but unique creations, handmade by talented artisans whose work is their passion. And in many cases, as well as being 'artistic creations', the pieces have a practical aspect, whether it be to illuminate your dining table, to display some flowers or to hold some fresh fruit - a case of beauty and function neatly combined!

We love to champion up-and-coming creatives and we're delighted to showcase 3 ceramicists here, who are as talented as they are different. To see more of their special work, just click on the artist's name below.

Alex McCarthy Ceramics

Alex is a highly-skilled ceramicist, creating amazingly beautiful and tactile vases in his Bristol studio. Whilst each piece is unique, Alex's trademark metallic lustre adds a sense of opulence to his work. We love the fact that all the products we stock are handmade by Alex  in his distinctive, award-winning style - he works alone, dedicating many hours of artistic labour to each and every piece.

Federica Bubani

Designer & ceramicist Federica Bubani is our most recent 'find' and an easy one for us to champion; not only does Federica come from one of our favourite regions of northern Italy, but she has developed a distinct, modern Mediterranean style that we love, crafting beautifully simple household objects, from wall-clocks to carafes, from a combination of ceramics and beech wood. We agree wholeheartedly with Elle Decoration (Italy) that Federica is 'one to watch'. Simple perfection!

Ana Bridgewater (Abalon)

Our attraction to Ana's ceramic scented candles was instant! Ana's passion for her product is reflected in her attention to detail as well as the product's eco credentials; porcelain is a product of nature and Ana uses only eco-friendly soya wax and organic essential oils, whilst the candle holder itself can be re-filled time after time. 

"I have been working with porcelain for over a decade. I love it for its hardiness and translucence. It's a sustainable material so once finished the pots can be re-used for more candles, or herb pots in your kitchen."

The wonderful designs, the trademark gold 'lip' and the romance of the product all reflect Ana's Spanish heritage. The only way to appreciate the candle fully, is to light one and watch the warm, delicate glow permeate through the translucent porcelain.