Nisi says...

'Bahne Interiors is a well-established interiors brand based in Denmark, creating high quality & original homeware. Bahne creates a wide range of accessories for the home, including glassware, tableware, vases, cushions, bed linen, decorative objects & garden accessories. The brand's style is modern, colourful & characterful, sometimes quirky. Sustainability has become a real focus for the company, as evidenced by the FSC certification of some of the natural materials used, including the plant baskets & seagrass trays on this page. In this way, the company is promoting the responsible management of the world's forests and this is to be commended. Bahne started as a family-run business in the 1960s and the core values & standards of this enterprise are still evident in its operations today. The contemporary, luxurious look of Bahne's collection will appeal to all and we're delighted to begin our partnership with the brand. Look out for new arrivals as we will be adding to our collection very soon.'

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