Extreme Lounging

Nisi says...

'It has always been our belief that outdoor living should be a big part of our lives, even here in the UK where the weather isn't always conducive to this. 2020/21 has taught us how to make the most of our outside spaces and how important it is to make it as comfortable & welcoming as possible. Therefore, when we discovered the superb range of products by Extreme Lounging (a division of JTS Cushions), we jumped aboard without hesitation. The design, the fabric quality, the durability, and the wonderful colour options, all combined to convince us that we needed to work in partnership with Extreme Lounging. Our main offering at the moment comprises the luxurious & gorgeous 'pastel' collection, including outdoor B-Bags, B-Boxes & B-Cushions. We also feature two of the most popular colours from the 'outdoor' range of B-Bags, a sophisticated dark grey & the ever-popular royal blue. All B-Bags listed are 'Mighty' in size, in other words suitable for adults and children alike, measuring 99cm wide by 94cm high & 80cm long. We're also delighted to showcase 3 colourways in the Martinique range of outdoor cushions, featuring exotic designs & shades to transport you to your dream destination. All Extreme Lounging products are expertly made in Britain, designed with the UK climate in mind, using quality fabrics & materials. We are very happy with our choice of supplier, we hope you are too!' 

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