Vases & Planters

Nisi says ...

'A vase of fresh flowers or some potted greenery instantly brings a room to life. It's a simple way of adding a splash of colour and vibrancy to your home, without breaking the bank! Our selection of vases, including some beautiful blue glass vases from Dutch glassware specialist Pols Potten, are so lovely to look at that they can be standalone decorative pieces, even without the addition of flowers. Whilst our new 'better together' range from Federica Bubani combines terracotta vases with crepe flowers, giving you a stunning maintenance-free floral arrangement. At home, we use the metallic plant pots from Cozy Living to display small cacti and other succulents; the brass effect exterior contrasts so well with the lacquered interior and the greenery of the plants. Furthermore, they fit neatly on a shelf or window sill and just look great! On the subject of plants, you may like to read our blog, in which we discuss our favourite Mediterranean plant varieties.'

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