Bert & Buoy

Nisi says...

'Bert & Buoy is a Dartmouth-based designer and maker of coastal-themed home accessories, founded by British artist and illustrator Bert Fowler, who's love of the British coastline is very evident in all his work. We love the 'nautical niceness' glassware collection, a modern twist on traditional coastal themes, made in collaboration with renowned British ceramic designer Keith Brymer Jones. We're delighted to showcase our three favourite ver this range, a fun addition to your family meals or for entertaining friends. The glass tumblers are very well made (in Italy) from quality materials, and with a sizeable capacity of 360ml each they are great everyday glasses for fun-loving adults and children alike. The Bert & Buoy nautical collection is perfect for the spring and summer seasons, but also will add some much-needed fun, colour & warmth to the cooler seasons. Choose your favourite design or mix and match the designs for maximum jollity!'

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