Nisi says...

'This has to be one of our favourite categories! A fabulous collection of serving bowls, serving platters and serving dishes to transform everyday dining into a sociable event. The right serveware not only looks great, but it adds a practical, versatile dimension to your home entertaining. For family meals and entertaining, we love to use one or two of our serving platters to create that Mediterranean style of dining; it doesn't have to be extravagant cuisine either, sometimes we'll simply throw together some cold meats, cheese and crusty bread, but served on a large, handcrafted platter from Spain, our quick family lunch suddenly becomes highly satisfying! And talking of Spain, an assortment of 'tapas' has been a great way for us to introduce new foods to our children, encouraging them to try something different in a relaxed yet 'buzzy' environment; our Nador tapas plates are a great option for use as tapas serving dishes in your home, bringing holiday memories back to the UK. The Nador collection is available in several sizes, from 16.5cm to 30cm diameter, all with beautifully evocative designs and assorted colourways; it's no wonder these Mediterranean tapas plates appear on our best-sellers list so regularly. Our Gerona collection, handmade in Spain and featuring a bold, indigo splatter design, is also proving very popular, with options for serving fish, olives, tapas and fruit. In contrast, we're delighted to feature some luxury slate platters from Just Slate as well a range of bowls and dishes made from sustainably sourced olive wood, handcrafted in the Mediterranean by Naturally Med. Choose your favourite serving collection, enjoy dining more sociably and live more Mediterranean.'

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