Eva Solo

Nisi says...

'Eva Solo is a fourth generation family business, established more than 100 years ago. Its headquarters are just outside Copenhagen in Denmark and its design & build qualities are what you would expect from an innovative, premium quality Danish homeware design company. Its core values of passion, integrity and innovation are reflected in everything Eva Solo produces, where compromising on quality, design or functionality is not an option. The two outstanding attributes of Eva Solo home accessories are, firstly, the exceptional product quality and, secondly, the aesthetic contemporary design. We have selected a small number of exemplary Eva Solo products with a focus on outdoor living, all of which we use ourselves at home. We can therefore vouch for their quality and functionality. Indeed, our Fireglobe Fireplace has been one of our best investments, great for adding warmth and ambience to alfresco evenings from March through to October. And, recent events have shown us how important it is to spend as much times as possible outdoors. No wonder it regularly features on our best-sellers list. The solar lamps are also supremely well-designed and constructed, giving you years of trouble-free use, unlike many cheaper rivals. It's also worth mentioning that if you're interested in any other Eva Solo's products not featured below, please let us know and we may be able to source them for you.'   

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