Picnic Accessories

Nisi says...

'Make sure you're fully equipped to enjoy your picnics to the max, whether you're at home, in the garden, at the park or at the beach, with a set of tableware, including plates, cups, bowls and cutlery from Dutch brand Zuperzozial. Using a combination of bamboo & corn fibres with melamine resin for extra durability, Zuperzozial has created a stunning range of contemporary tableware with very strong environmental credentials. All its products are incredibly well made, light enough to be taken on a picnic or to the beach, but sufficiently stylish and durable to be used in the home. Conveniently, all Zuperzozial products are dishwasher-safe, although washing by hand is just as easy given their resistance to staining. With an ever-increasing range of plates, cups, cutlery, storage containers & serving bowls, Zuperzozial has established itself as a leading brand of sustainable tableware with style, functionality but above all, the environment, at the top of its agenda. Our 'starter' collection showcases a few pieces that will serve your essential picnic needs, but look out for more items as we expand our range. We're also delighted to include a luxury picnic backpack and matching cooler bag in this category, designed and made by Australian brand Sunnylife. Their beach seats and parasols are also included here, so that your picnic at the beach is fully catered for. Sunnylife is a fabulous brand exhibiting the finest attributes of fun, quality and functionality; we look forward to welcoming their new seasonal ranges as they become available, as we can rely on getting premium quality products as well as great-looking accessories.' 

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