Scented Candles

Nisi says...

'Scented candles are such an easy way to make an instant impact in one's living space. Give it centre stage on a mantlepiece or sideboard and you have an attractive home decor item; light the wick and you have warm & atmospheric lighting for a cosy night in; and as the candle's scents infuse the air, your mood is soothed by the therapeutic aromas. We're delighted to introduce a new brand, Union of London, whose scented candles embody a simple sophistication, as well as very impressive 'eco' credentials. Choose from a beautiful range of scents, including wild fig and jasmine, or opt for a votive gift set offering 3 gorgeous scents. The 'Mandarin Spice' candle by Union of London combines zesty citrus notes with nutmeg & cinnamon, producing aromas that are synonymous with Christmas. If, on the other hand, you'd rather be transported to a sunny Greek island, then perhaps Greek designer, Tomy Karaiskos, has the candle for you. Choose from the sweet-scented 'mastiha', the summery 'lemongrass' or the distinctive liquorice scent of 'aniseed', all of which evoke memories of Greece and its wonderful islands.'

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