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Nisi says...

'Sunnylife is one of our headline new suppliers for 2020; we're thrilled to feature a select range of Sunnylife outdoor accessories, an international brand that was born on the beaches of Australia in 2003 to become a leading summer lifestyle brand here in the UK. Combining key attributes of style, functionality, quality and, above all, fun, Sunnylife's products are designed to help all of us make the most of sunny days outside, whether at home in the garden, at the beach, by the pool or in the countryside. From beach umbrellas to cooler bags, from sun loungers to picnic sets, Sunnylife offers a comprehensive range outdoor accessories.

Choose from a classic blue & white design, reminiscent of holiday scenes on the French Riviera, or the bold graphics & colours evocative of a more exotic vacation. The style is diverse but the quality is the same. We just love the ethos of the brand, promoting a balanced lifestyle of relaxation and activity, which fits very well with our own Mediterranean lifestyle brand embracing colour, style and warmth. We think a Sunnylife purchase amounts to a lifestyle investment, bringing fun, comfort and colour to our outdoor lives. Look out for more products, as we expand our collection of Sunnylife accessories.' 

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