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Marvellous Meze

We are just back from a family holiday in Greece and have enjoyed some amazing food and wine - feta and watermelon is my new favourite combination! It reminded me of big family get-togethers with my Greek relatives, sharing meze and catching up on family gossip. The rise of Spanish tapas and meze bars in the UK is proof that the Mediterranean love of sharing food is catching on big time. When time is short a little meze, bread and wine is an easy gastro fix and a fun way to socialise with friends and family. Another bonus is our boys seem happier to eat the pick and mix way!

Tableware for meze and tapas doesn't need to be fancy, all you need is a beautiful wooden board for your choice of ham and cheese, little dishes for olives and dips and large platters for sharing. But if you do want to make it feel special just add a colourful tablecloth, napkins and some t-lights...... and hope for sun!

July 2016