Meet the Designer - Georgia Bosson

Georgia Bosson, one of our featured designers, creates colourful screen printed designs which are handmade in her Bermondsey studio. We're big fans of her bright and vibrant style and were keen to find out more about this talented, young designer and her plans for this year.

Georgia, your collections are so colourful and unique, tell us more about your design inspirations? My collections usually start with photographs and sketchbooks full of drawings. I am inspired by everything from the colours and textures of the seaside to the waste from industrial die cutting, and although there is often an underlying theme of exploring negative space and unexpected pattern the starting point can come from anywhere! I also have a group of go-to artists who I refer back to again and again including Matisse for his use of colour and the clean cut simplicity of his work, Anges Martin for her control and precision and Alexander Calder for his sense of space and beautiful drawings.

Do you have a favourite pattern/design from your collection? My favourite is usually the thing I have done most recently! However from my current collection I am very fond of the Moroccan Peacock crosses print, it was the first print that I made available by the metre and the colours just make you happy!

Moroccan Peacock Crosses Print

What's in the pipeline for you this year? 2017 sees the launch of a new collection in the Spring, it is inspired by the coastal town where I spent my summers as a child (and still to this day) and features a twist on classic coastal styling as well as contemporary take on patchwork. I am also launching a range of screen-printed wooden trays, and hopefully working on an extension of my collaboration with Cecily Vessey after the success of our Kickstarter in 2016.

Georgia & Cecily Vessey - Landmark Locations

Tell us about your home style? I live with someone who has lots of collections, so the style of our flat is dictated by finding ways to display them. For us this means neutral colours for the walls and furniture, which allow the objects to bring pops of colour to the space. There are of course lots of cushions which find their way home from the studio along with walls filled with prints made by friends that I have collected over the years usually by trading a cushion or two!

What's on your wish list for your home? It is quite dull but we are in desperate need of some more storage (the collector strikes again!) so I am on the hunt for a beautiful large chest of drawers for our bedroom that can also double as a display area for some of the things on our overflowing living room shelves.

When you're not busy in your studio how do you like to unwind? I usually fill my free time with exercise in various forms, I find it really clears my head and allows me to work through any design or business problems that I am struggling to solve. Top winter activities currently include yoga and lido swimming, nothing like some freezing air whilst swimming in a warm pool to solve a few problems!

View Georgia's lovely creations here

February 2017