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Summer Wine Notes

One of our favourite white wines here at Nisi Living, particularly on a warm summer’s day, is ALBARIÑO. This delightful grape from the North Western corner of Spain, produces a dry, zesty and pleasantly acidic wine, which is dangerously refreshing as a lunchtime apéritif!

As well as being great on its own, Albariño works well with most seafood dishes, particularly shellfish, and Spanish “tapas” (see our Tapas blog) and is now widely available in most wine shops and supermarkets, so if you haven’t tried it already, give it a go!

Also from Galicia in North Western Spain comes the GODELLO grape, known as Verdelho in Portugal. This is fast becoming a strong challenger to Albarino, producing a fragrant, dry white wine, perhaps with a slightly more serious taste than its frivolous rival! Again, it’s fabulous on its own, but it also goes well with seafood dishes and possesses enough structure to accompany big-flavoured dishes such as Paella. You may have to search a little harder for this one, but it will be well worth it.

Decent examples of both wines can be bought for under £15; they are relatively light, eminently quaffable, and great for summer entertaining – salud!

Aug 2016