What's your favourite colour?

“Buddy the Elf, what’s your favourite colour?” This line makes me smile every Christmas and it’s the ice breaker often used by children.

Mine has always been cobalt blue, that gorgeous Majorelle blue from the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, adored by Yves Saint Laurent. It is a colour that makes my heart skip and always commands my attention. Maybe it’s in my Greek DNA, all those bright blue doors standing proud against painted white houses or the vibrant blue ceramics dressed with fragrant oranges and lemons. 

Blue can be described as a cold colour but cobalt blue adds drama, warmth and serenity. Yes a perfect match with white but also stunning with bright pink, yellow or a punchy orange. I always look to nature for colour inspiration because it's here that colours blend or clash perfectly.  Peacock feathers of blue, purple and gold never fail to impress. Paint a room cobalt blue and all your artwork and metallic will pop. If you’re not feeling brave enough it’s a great accent colour, just try to mix it up with other colours to avoid that matchy matchy look.

Recent trends have seen us all go to the dark side. I confess to liking the Downpipe effect too, but I sense a change of direction and a yearning for colour and brightness. Interior expert Sophie Robinson is always championing colour and maybe, just maybe it’s time to rebel against those Scandi neutral interiors and go Mediterranean.

July 2016